2018 Late Registration Dates

A big thank you to all of you who have already registered players with our club during our recent registration period. For those that still want to register players, we have added two additional dates: 

Wednesday May 16, 2018
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Sunday May 27, 2018
12:00 Pm to 2:00 pm

* Important *

Registrations accepted after Sunday May 27 will be subject to an additional $50 late registration fee. So don't forget! 

Registration Steps

Step 1: Register with Football Manitoba

Do this before coming to the Mustangs Clubhouse. This is really important!

  1. Register online with Football Manitoba
  2. You will receive an Registration Confirmation email. Print this email and bring it with you to register. 

Football Manitoba fees. 
Click here >>

Step 2: Register with US

  1. Come to the Mustangs Clubhouse.
  2. Bring the following.
    • A printed copy of the Registration Confirmation email message from Football Manitoba.
    • ID with proof of age and address.
  3. Fill out player registration form.
  4. Fill out player medical form.
  5. Pay the registration costs. 
  6. Pre-authorize volunteer hours commitment.
    • See below for details


Please note

  • Player 8 to 15 years of age must live or attend school in the R2N, R2M or R3X postal codes to join the Mustangs.
  • Players who live or attend school outside of these postal code can check the link below for a club that they can join. 
  • However, if you live outside of all the catchment areas, you can join the Mustangs.

Player 8 to 15 catchment areas - Click here >>

  • All players 16 to 23 years of age are eligible to join the Mustangs. 

The Fees

Cash, Interac, Visa or MasterCard
(no personal cheques)


Ages 8 and 9
Born 2009 and 2010

Player Fee   $280
Cash Calendar   $100

Total Registration Fee   $380



Ages 10 and 11
Born 2007 and 2008

Player Fee   $290
Cash Calendar   $100

Total Registration Cost   $390


Pee Wee

Ages 12 and 13
Born 2005 and 2006

Player Fee $290
Cash Calendar $100

Total Registration Cost   $390



Ages 14 and 15
Born 2003 and 2004

Player Fee $360
Cash Calendar $100

Total Registration Cost   $460



Ages 16 to 18
Born 2000 to 2002

Player Fee $360
Cash Calendar $100

Total Registration Cost $460



Ages 18 to 23
Born 1995 to 2000

Player Fee   $450
Cash Calendar       $0

Total Registration Cost   $450


Kidsport Canada provides funds to help offset the cost of participant registration fees for community based sport programs.

Details and applications for the Kidsport Canada program are available online. Click here >>

*Cash calendars Prizes of between $50 to $100 in cash are drawn and awarded for August, September and October. A grand prize of $1000 is awarded at the end of the year. They are an integral part of generating funds that support all the teams within the Mustang Football organization. They are a mandatory purchase as part of the registration process.

*Volunteer Hours Commitment To provide much needed support for all team activities throughout the year, 6 hours of volunteer work per registered player is requested. If the volunteer hours commitment is not fulfilled, a pre-authorize amount of $200 will be paid to the Mustangs Football organization. Pre-authorized credit card transactions or cheques are acceptable.