Billeting or Housing a Winnipeg Rifle



Housing a Winnipeg Rifle player involves strictly the renting of a house, apartment or room. Players are expected to be model tenants at all times.


Billeting a Winnipeg Rifle player involves providing accommodation as well as the “family” atmosphere in terms of meals etc (see guidelines below). As Winnipeg Rifles players range in age from 17-22 the “family” atmosphere is one that is generally expected a young man of that age would receive at their own home.

Billeting can be a rewarding experience for both the player and billet.

Billeting is often the preferred method for our 1st or 2nd year players in the age 17-18 year old range as they transition to living on their own. Our 17-18 year player’s parents often prefer billeting for their son.

Billets are paid a monthly agreed upon amount from the player or player’s family (generally $300 - $350).


Billet and Player Guidelines

Billet families are encouraged to make the player a part of their family. Treat them as you would your own children and make them responsible for following the rules of your home. Be sure these rules have been made clear and established as early as possible. What is considered unacceptable in your home may be acceptable in theirs. 

No female friends are allowed to stay overnight as guests. Female friends should only be allowed in common areas i.e. living room, kitchen, family room, etc. Please advise your Player on any visitor restrictions your family has. 

Players are expected to abide by all house rules set forth by their billet family. 

Players must obtain telephone calling cards (unless the billet has informed them their phone has an unlimited long distance package) if they wish to make any long distance phone calls. The Winnipeg Rifles are not responsible for any long distance charges made to your phone bill, therefore this situation should be strongly enforced. 

The players are responsible to be on time for their own appointments such as school, doctor, practices, games, team functions, etc. The Winnipeg Rifles highly discourage lending your vehicle to the players as for insurance purposes. There are usually enough players on the team with vehicles that a phone call can get them a ride easily. 

The players are responsible for their own meals and snacks. Be sure and advise them the acceptable times for them to use your kitchen to prepare their own meals. 

Billets should not feel responsible to provide accommodations for players’ family and friends when they are in town. 


For additional details about this program visit the Winnipeg Rifles website