Hey Mustang Families - 4th Quarter Push for Polar Plunge Donations

polar plunge banner.jpg

We're reaching out to all of our Mustang families with a reminder about the Polar Plunge our Midget team is participating in this Saturday March 16 at IGF. The donations have come in slower than hoped and the teams are well short of their targets. There's only a couple of days before the event and we're asking for our Mustang families to consider stepping up with a late rally of donations to support Special Olympics and our young men who will be representing the club in full uniforms. The teams were only formed in the past week and the hope was that the good people of our club would quickly rally around this unique charity event and our players/coaches. It's 4th quarter time and they could really use your help to get closer to the goal. Donations of any size would be appreciated and let's show everyone that Red Runs Deep!

Donations are tax deductible.

Here are the donation links.

Donate to Mustangs Midget - Team 1

Donate to Mustangs Midget - Team 2

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