Game Details

  • Game play on a standard size field (65 yds x 110 yds) and play four, 12 minute quarters (regular stop time).

  • Teams are part of the Midget Football League of Manitoba

  • There are no minimum play time requirements as is the case in the MMFA (fair play rule). Playing time is up to the discretion of the coaches and may be subject to a number of factors such as experience, ability, attendance, etc. However, the Mustang program plays all players during the course of the season.

  • Players specialize in positions, either on offence or defence. However, there is the flexibility to play more than one position during the season and individual games.


  • Mustang players are provided with a helmet, shoulder pads, game jersey, football pants, etc. as part of the registration fees.

  • Other equipment items are required and are not included in the registration costs. These items are relatively minor and will be discussed prior/during equipment fitting sessions.


  • The team practices 3 days per week during the weekday evenings and typically plays games on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays (varies week-to-week). Games are played at night or during the day.

  • The number of practices may also vary based on the time of year and need (such as 4 practices per week before the initial game of the season or during the playoffs. The number of practices and duration are at the discretion of each individual coach.

  • A spring mini camp of 3 days or more is typically run between late May to late June.


  • Playoffs begin in October. The Provincial Championship is traditionally played in late October/early November at the Bomber Stadium (Investors Group Field) as part of Championship Weekend.