Applications Being Accepted for the St Vital Mustangs Hall of Fame

The St Vital Mustangs are now accepting nominations for the Mustang Hall of Fame in the Builder, Player, Coach and Team categories. If you know someone who is worthy of induction please see the information below. 

The deadline for submission is April 15, 2019 and the induction will occur during Homecoming Weekend in August.


St Vital Mustangs circa early 1950s

St Vital Mustangs circa early 1950s

So what is the St vital Mustangs Hall of Fame?

Founded in 2008, The St Vital Mustangs Hall of Fame recognizes and honours the outstanding achievements of those associated with the development and history of the St Vital Mustangs Football Club since inception.

Current Inductees

Inductee Year Inducted Category
Ed Applin 2009 Builder
George Wilson 2009 Builder
1960, 62, 68 and 69 St Vital Bulldogs 2009 Team
Wally and Art McOuat 2013 Builder
Bob Vandale 2013 Builder
Al Penny 2013 Builder
Gord Cooke 2013 Builder
1987 St Vital Mustang Juniors Armdale Cup Finalists 2013 Team
Jim Ladd 2018 Coach
Bill Dunstone 2018 Coach
Stewart Heaton 2018 Player
Glen Huffman 2018 Builder
1952 Juveniles 2018 Team
1955 Juveniles 2018 Team
1972 Midget Team 2018 Team

How do I nominate?

It's easy to submit a nomination.

Download the application form and send it to us.

That's it!  

the fine print

General Nomination Process Information

  1. The categories for nomination are Player, Coach, Builder and Team.

  2. A candidate may be nominated posthumously.

  3. A candidate cannot nominate himself or herself.

  4. A candidate can currently be participating with the Mustangs or have been in the past.

  5. A written statement or testimonial must be included citing the specific reasons the nominee ought to be considered for induction into the St. Vital Mustangs Hall of Fame and how the nominee meets the nomination criteria. PLEASE NOTE: that the research and verification of information is the responsibility of the nominator.

  6. Supporting materials, a picture and two (2) letters of recommendation must be submitted. Supporting materials must include a chronological history of involvement/achievement and other awards or recognition received.

  7. Please return the nomination form by April 15, 2019, to be considered for induction into the St. Vital Mustangs Hall of Fame in 2019.

  8. A selection committee comprised of a person appointed by the Mustangs Board of Directors, 70th Anniversary Committee Chair, two community members and St. Vital Mustangs President will review all Hall of Fame nominations and determine inductees based on information provided to the committee. Final selection is the responsibility of the St. Vital Mustangs Board of Directors.

  9. The selection committee may grandfather worthy inductees into the Hall based on historical merit.

  10. All nominees not inducted in their original year of nomination will be rolled over for consideration for the next Hall of Fame induction.

Player Nomination Criteria

  1. Player must have participated in St. Vital Mustangs teams for a minimum of five (5) years. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

  2. Player must have made a strong commitment to training and shown consistent growth and development in both football and personal growth.

  3. He or she must exemplify the team player philosophy and have been a positive role model to his/her teammates.

Coach Nomination Criteria

  1. The Coach must have coached with the St. Vital Mustangs for a minimum of five (5) years. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

  2. The Coach was a positive role model and mentor to the players he or she coached.

  3. The Coach nominated to the Hall of Fame should have created and fostered a positive team environment focusing on player development both on and off the field.

Builder Nomination Criteria

  1. Demonstrated long term outstanding service to the St. Vital Mustangs Football Club.

  2. Shown strong leadership abilities and had a positive impact on the development of the Football Club.

  3. Open to any individual who has demonstrated involvement in one or more of the following areas; Board of Directors, administration, fund raising, sponsor, event committees, team manager etc.

Team Nomination Criteria

  1. Team nomination is usually defined based on the merits of one season.

  2. Represented the St. Vital Mustangs Football Club with distinction in league or championship play.